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Attention! LGBTQ Youth 13-24 [08 Sep 2009|09:36pm]


Attention teens ages 13-24! The Trevor Project and Lambda Literary Foundation proudly announce the first annual "Second Chances" LGBT Youth Essay contest.

 "Harness your creativity while sharing your personal story in the first-ever "Second Chances" essay contest for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

 "All young people should be proud of their sexual orientation of gender identity. Today's brave generation of youth are coming out earlier than ever and even becoming active advocates for LGBTQ issues in their communities. However, sometimes reactions from family, friends, classmates, teachers and others can be unsupportive or hurtful, and contribute to young people feeling helpless, hopeless, and alone.

 The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth, and Lambda Literary Foundation is dedicated to raising the status of openly LGBT people throughout society by rewarding and promoting excellence among LGBT writers who use their work to explore LGBT lives. Together we've teamed up to encourage LGBTQ youth throughout the country to step up and share their stories of overcoming feelings of depression, thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts, and other unique experiences involving overcoming obstacles.

 Five winning entries will be chosen by a review panel of professional writers involved with or recruited by The Trevor Project and Lambda Literary Foundation. These five winning essays will be published on The Trevor Project's website on or about Friday, February 5th, 2010. Select essay entries, including but not limited to the top five winners, may be chosen by the review panel for inclusion in an anthology of essays that will be published, sold and distributed in the future."

 For more information & the offical rules please visit www.trevorspace.org
Good luck to all who enter & don't forget to pass on the word!

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Queer Hiking? [02 Jul 2009|12:25am]

[ mood | curious ]

Anyone wanna get a big group together and go for a day hike? I've been dying to go hiking but not with just anyone, I mean while that's cool and all I'd rather be around awesome "queer identifying" people so we can have awesome discussions about our lives and stuff.

I'm game for almost anywhere.

Anyone? this community is like dead. o.o;

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NELGBT Conference [17 Apr 2009|04:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]

For anyone checking this - last minute post!

The North Easten LGBT Conference will be taking place starting with a Kick off event tonight at 7 in the UAlbany Campus Center (Ballroom). The Conference will run through sunday afternoon and is filled with informative workshops and other things to do. The cost is 25$ and you can Register at the door tonight and all day tomorrow. The Kick Off Event tonight is Free.

Hope to see you there! =D

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[29 Mar 2009|02:49am]

who wants to go to the obar for some kareoke ((sp???? sorry...i'm tired)) this thursday?
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Come to my booksigning at Flights of Fantasy bookstore Feb 1st at 2pm! [27 Jan 2009|04:31pm]

I'll be signing CD copies of Blood of the Dark Moon and Blood and Mint Chocolates, two books in my vampire/occult/dark urban fantasy series The Dark Moon at Flights of Fantasy bookstore in Albany, NY!

Blood and Mint Chocolates is a lesbian vampire erotic romance in the Dark Moon series.

Sunday February 1 at 2pm....

Flights of Fantasy Books & Games
381 Sand Creek Rd
Albany, NY 12205


Love & Magic,
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OMGJACKIEmondaynightsatOHBAR [13 Sep 2008|11:20am]


I am bartending at OH BAR on Monday nights, 8 pm - 3 am. You should come by and I'll make you an Alabama Slammer, Red-headed slut, or Sex On the Beach (or under the 787). Ok, ha, but srsly come over if you are having a stir-crazy Monday night and need to get out. K THX bai.

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Diamonds of Hope Charity Gala [26 Aug 2008|05:22pm]

Click the photo for more info:

With RuPaul!!!

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the queen bee. [20 Aug 2008|07:16pm]

last-minute reminder!

queen bee, a spelling bee, will be held at OH BAR tonight at 9 pm

FREE to play and prizes for good and horrible spelling.

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[20 Aug 2008|12:16pm]

Hi everyone!

I just found out that my housing plans for this coming semester fell through :(

So i was wondering if any of you would like a roommate for the next 3 to 4 months while i try to wrap up my MA.

I won't be around often and won't bring many things because i'll be moving right back to Rochester after the semester is through.

Let me know!
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[01 Aug 2008|01:23pm]

The CDGLCC Free Youth BBQ is next friday (08.08.08). It will be held at the Capital District Gay Lesbian Community Council building in the back yard (322 Hudson Ave) It's from 6pm-8:30pm. Be there or be square!  (ages 13-18)

Saturday, August 9
The Rainbow Rumble Softball Tournament - CDGLCC vs. Two Rivers LGBT Outdoor Club
Lincoln Fields (Corner of Morton and Eagle in Albany)

Come out and watch the CDGLCC “ROY G. BIVers” take to the diamond against the athletes of Two Rivers! Bring your cooler and your camping chairs because, regardless of which team you’re batting for, you’re bound to see America’s favorite pastime get a little more fierce!!! All respectful spectators welcome!

5$ to Play, free to cheer on!
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albany show help!!! [18 Jul 2008|10:19am]

We're looking for a show either August 24 or 25th in the area. We are a poppy, glammy indie rock act called THE DROWNOUT www.myspace.com/thedrownout

We will be happy to gig swap for shows in the Southeast if we can get hooked up. Just send us a message on Myspace or LJ.

Thanks so much!

Patrick (tour manager for THE DROWNOUT)
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The Queen Bee. [10 Jul 2008|12:52pm]


This Wednesday join Hookerz on Phonix and Ms. Ramona Dreams in a contest of spelling might! Don't worry, though, even if you can't spell "CAT" you stand to win a prize!
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[08 Jun 2008|12:40pm]

Hi all.

I posted a similar entry awhile ago, but didn't get any responses.

I know nothing about drag bars in the area, so please recommend some to me!

Thanks in advance.
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From NYS NOW: GENDA Passes Assembly Codes Committee [21 May 2008|09:50am]

Time to Urge Your Legislator to Vote "yes" when it comes to the Assembly floor for a vote

Take Action! Visit this page.

Yesterday, May 20th, Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) passed through the Assembly Codes Committee by a bipartisan vote of 16-2.

At this point, the bill will need to be passed by the entire NYS Assembly. (See nownys.org for frequently asked questions about GENDA)

For the first time, GENDA is being considered by the entire Assembly. Soon, we will be pushing forward to encourage all Assembly members to vote in favor of this very important piece of legislation.

ThankCollapse )the 16 Assemblymembers who voted for GENDA in the Codes Committee. And urge your NYS Assemblymember to support this very important piece of legislation when it comes to the floor.
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Transgender Pride 2008 [19 May 2008|08:21pm]

Howdy there! I'm JayTee.
A 15 year old FTM on the outskirts of Albany in this little town called Berlin....

Anyways, to get to my topic. June 7th is the first ever Transgender Pride in North Hampton, MASS. It starts at 11 in the morning and officially ends around 5 that evening. I'll be in Albany the night before for Alt Prom held by the CDGLCC and wouldn't mind carpooling or meeting up with people from the area at Trans Pride.

So if anyones planning on going, that's awesome. Just remember, the next day is ALBANY PRIDEFEST 2008! So we'd be coming back that night =]

Check out cdglcc.org for more information on Albany Pride Week events & other things.
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New [17 May 2008|10:56am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey everybody.

So I just moved to the Albany area this week, and truth be told I am bored out of my mind and kind of missing my friends back in Syracuse. I was wanting to know if there was anyone around here that might be up for hanging out tonight or tomorrow evening. Doesn't have to be anything grand (or expensive for that matter), in fact, i'm perfectly cool just mall-wandering and having someone to chat with :)

Anyway, some quick stats: 22/M/gay/taken...very taken, please keep that in mind. Also, I would prefer if this were a non-drinking outing.

Contact me via email at dodgeotter@yahoo.com if you'd like, or comment here. Hopin' to hear from some of you soon.

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Homosexual Marriage Legal In C-L-A! [15 May 2008|03:39pm]

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Queer Tea April 13th [07 Apr 2008|08:31pm]

Capital Queerz:

There is going to be a Queer Tea on Sunday April 13th at POINT 5, 383.5 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12210 at 2 PM. This is the event space for the arts group, Capital District Federation of Ideas.

Queer Tea is open for all to attend. It is usually just an informal tea party. Of course, there are often some queer conversation topics.

You aren't required to bring anything, but the tea is queerest when people bring cookies, confections, and their favorite teas.

Okay, see you. Please pass this note around to anyone interested.


Capital District Federation of Ideas
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Trans documentary screening this Friday!!! Troy, NY [27 Mar 2008|11:20pm]

Ethan Bach – Art Show and Screening
Reclaiming the Pieces
51 3rd Street Gallery
Troy, NY 12180

Exhibit runs March 28 (one day only)
Screening Times 5:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm
Reception 6pm

Ethan Bach is having an art show and screening of Reclaiming the Pieces, at the 51 3rd Street Gallery. The exhibit runs one day only, March 28, as part of Troy Night Out. The opening screening will begin at 5:30pm with reception to follow.

Reclaiming the Pieces is a documentary film that walks us through the lives of transgendered people who have found their sense of place. Beyond just politics and anatomy, this documentary shows transgendered people as multifaceted individuals who share insights on life from their unique experiences.

Other Featured Works:

Ethan Bach: Evolution 4.

2, Read This Before Coming Out to Your Parents, Pieces, TBA (reception area)

***Aryn Zev: Drag Kings! Pro Wrestling! Finger Puppets!

In the reception area, Aryn Zev will be exhibiting recent video work dealing with gender identity, misogynistic language and stereotyping.


Ethan Bach is a video artist, documentary filmmaker, and interactive installation artist. Currently pursuing and MFA in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute he holds a BA from The Evergreen State College in Media Production.

His unique life experiences enable him to create art that evokes feelings and engages the audience in a dialog of understanding. A large portion of his work deconstructs gender stereotypes and expectations of what is the perceived gender assignment by utilizing media art.

Ethan Bach’s digital video work has shown in New York, Washington, California, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, and Portugal.

For more information, please go to:
www. ethanbach.com

Aryn Zev is a combined media artist with extensive backgrounds in creative writing and visual art. She holds an M.A. in English from SUNY New Paltz and is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Combined Media. Her video work tends towards the experimental, and includes short films, multimedia performances, and gallery installations.

Much of Aryn’s work explores aspects of gender construction widely experienced in language, media, activities, and objects, and her work often seeks to raise questions or subvert accepted ideas regarding gender. There are strong feminist currents in her work as well as those dealing with gender identity. She is interested in exposing misogynistic attitudes still embedded in our culture and its rituals.
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Curious about our new governor and his relationship to the LGBTQ community? [13 Mar 2008|11:07am]

Today the Pride Agenda put out the following statement about our new Governor:

“David Paterson’s leadership is a story of commitment to civil liberties and human rights. He believes in equality and justice for all New Yorkers and has demonstrated this time and time again in both words and actions.

He has been a strong and consistent friend of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community ever since he was elected to public office in 1985. He worked hard as a State Senator to help pass hate crimes legislation in 2000 and, in his first weeks as Senate Minority Leader, worked to make sure that there were enough Democratic votes to pass the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA) in 2002.

We are excited to begin working with him as Governor.”

I want all of you to know that our community will continue to have an ally and a friend in the Governor of New York--one who has been a strong supporter of all of our key issues and one that is committed to winning a pro-LGBT majority in the State Senate. Our priorities remain the same and our work moves ahead--and I am as optimistic as ever about our future successes.

David Paterson has a long record of support for LGBT New Yorkers. Not only has the Pride Agenda endorsed him many times in his elections to the State Senate, he has been an active supporter as Senate Minority Leader and Lieutenant Governor of the issues that are before us today, including: funding for the health and human services needs of LGBT New Yorkers, safe schools for LGBT youth, statewide non-discrimination protections based upon gender identity and expression, and marriage equality and family protections. In 2002, during the vote on SONDA, he supported an amendment that would have added gender identity and expression protections. And last year in the hours before the historic Assembly vote on the marriage bill, Lt. Gov. Paterson was on the Assembly floor personally urging lawmakers to pass the bill.

He spoke to us all as Senate Minority Leader at Equality and Justice Day in Albany in 2006 and has appeared before groups of our supporters at other times speaking candidly and from the heart about our lives and how we are just as much a part of the state as anyone else.

We have a lot of work to do in 2008--and I’m happy to have a Governor who is on our side and won't hesitate to move our issues forward.

With Hope for Our Future,

Alan Van Capelle

Executive Director, Pride Agenda
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