Jaytee Shaw (jayteeny12) wrote in albanyqueer,
Jaytee Shaw

Transgender Pride 2008

Howdy there! I'm JayTee.
A 15 year old FTM on the outskirts of Albany in this little town called Berlin....

Anyways, to get to my topic. June 7th is the first ever Transgender Pride in North Hampton, MASS. It starts at 11 in the morning and officially ends around 5 that evening. I'll be in Albany the night before for Alt Prom held by the CDGLCC and wouldn't mind carpooling or meeting up with people from the area at Trans Pride.

So if anyones planning on going, that's awesome. Just remember, the next day is ALBANY PRIDEFEST 2008! So we'd be coming back that night =]

Check out cdglcc.org for more information on Albany Pride Week events & other things.
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