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From NYS NOW: GENDA Passes Assembly Codes Committee

Time to Urge Your Legislator to Vote "yes" when it comes to the Assembly floor for a vote

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Yesterday, May 20th, Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) passed through the Assembly Codes Committee by a bipartisan vote of 16-2.

At this point, the bill will need to be passed by the entire NYS Assembly. (See for frequently asked questions about GENDA)

For the first time, GENDA is being considered by the entire Assembly. Soon, we will be pushing forward to encourage all Assembly members to vote in favor of this very important piece of legislation.

Assemblymembers who voted Yes!:

Joseph R. Lentol (Chair)
(518) 455-4477

Philip Boyle
(518) 455-4611

James F. Brennan
(518) 455-5377

Vivian E. Cook
(518) 455-4203

Steven Cymbrowitz
(518) 455-5214

Tom Kirwan
(518) 455-5762

Charles Lavine
(518) 455-5456

Daniel J. O’Donnell
(518) 455-5603

N. Nick Perry
(518) 455-4166

J. Gary Pretlow
(518) 455-4781

Dede Scozzafava
(518) 455-5797

Michele R. Titus
(518) 455-5668

Helene E. Weinstein
(518) 455-5462

Mark Weprin
(518) 455-5806

Keith L.T. Wright
(518) 455-4793

Kenneth Zebrowski
(518) 455-5735
the 16 Assemblymembers who voted for GENDA in the Codes Committee. And urge your NYS Assemblymember to support this very important piece of legislation when it comes to the floor.
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